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Playing CryptoBreaks will require Ether Cryptocurrency (ETH) to complete game operations.

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OVERVIEW CryptoBreaks

CryptoBCryptoBreaks is a fun and addicting game for both Hobby Card Collectors and Gamers. Because it runs on the Ethereum blockchain, each card is a unique digital asset and as immutable and real as Bitcoin.

CryptoBreaks is much more than just a game! It’s (i) a true Limited Edition Collectors Set completely on the Ethereum blockchain, (ii) features unique and addicting game-play, (iii) is a kind of card trading/selling, set building game, and (iv) can lead players to rare and valuable digital assets, hefty profits (add comma) and crypto coins via airdrops.

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In the Main Lobby you are able to see all available breaks, purchase spots for upcoming breaks or enter a current live break simply as a spectator.

There are 5 game options to choose from depending on several things such player strategy, risk tolerance and playing style.

Our system is in real-time and completely dynamic so you always know exactly what games are almost full and ready to go. If you're new to the game, feel free to type in the live chat and ask any in the CryptoBreaks community for help. The more players involved the faster each break fills, so most players are more than willing to help!

Once you’ve purchased your spot(s) then simply wait for the game to fill (8 spots per game). Once all 8 spots have been filled then your game will begin. Not to worry if the game starts and you have to leave your computer. CryptoBreaks is completely dynamic and all cards are on the blockchain so everything is always transparent. Rest assure, once the game is over you will still receive any cards that you’ve won. Simply open you're My Collections page to see what you’ve won.

The game now starts and all participating players are transferred to the Randomizer room!

Non-Fungible Assets THE COLLECTOR SET


Introducing the world's first official ERC721 hobby set for collectors. The 2017 CryptoBreaks "Genesis Edition" Crypto Coin Set is the first “true” collectors set to exclusively reside on the decentralized Ethereum blockchain.

Collectors will discover more than 1100 different coins rendered on over 770,000 cards. All cards contain original artwork, stunning high-res digital graphics and other hidden surprises sure to appeal to even the biggest of cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

This Limited Edition set is as rare as is unique! Unlike other digital sets on the web that can be purchased and downloaded, our set lives entirely on the blockchain so every card is a non-fungible ERC721 token. That means all 770,000 cards are completely unique never to be duplicated. Once you win one, you own it for life or until you decide to trade or sell it.

Buried within the set, we've created ten's of thousands of limited edition serial numbered cards, some as rare as 1 in 770,000. Winning one of these mega-rare cards, such as a [Bitcoin Black one of one] one of the rarest cards in the game, may very well someday dwarf the value of any CryptoBreaks digital cat on the market.

Millions Of Digital Hight Resolution Cards Can Be Had To Build Your Extremely Rare & Valuable Collection!



When your break ends and you’ve collected all your winnings, the game is by no means over. In the world of CryptoBreaks the options are endless. Do you take you're newly won cards and immediately redeem any with ETH in the tank so as to reinvest into another game? Maybe, you feel a certain card will soon be in high demand, so you choose to add it to your card collection.

With every new game you play and every new card you acquire, there will always be decisions to make. Remember as the real coin becomes more popular so will demand for it’s represented card within this collectors set.

On you're My Collections page you can spend hours viewing your cards, completing sets and building you're ever-growing empire.

Don’t have the card you need? No problem, simply search the online marketplace for any cards you may desire .....

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TESTIMONIALS What People Are Saying

“CryptoBreaks, made me feel nostalgic about the days when I was a just just a kid collecting baseball cards. The fact that you can collect cards that are rare and recorded on a blockchain is really cool. The breaks are fun and exciting! I'll be back for more. -Ryan O.”

“There has not been anything super exciting in the crypto gaming industry since crypto kitties, That is, until I discovered CryptoBreaks! It's the perfect balance of entertainment and value. You can have fun sitting at a card break, waiting to see what you get, and collect real time value in the cards you get. I will be back, this weekend to play some more! - Jack B.”

“Love this game! You guys have thought of every detail to make this exciting! From the way you can interact with others to the beautiful card designs, CryptoBreaks has all the bases covered. After my first break, I was ready to play again! Here's to me trying to get that Ethereum 1 of 1 card :) -Larry V.”